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My 11th novel in the Jack Taggart series entitled Subverting Justice has received some rave reviews in the media. For you fans who have not picked up a copy yet, if your local store does not have it available or has sold out, have them order it in for you!

The 12th novel in my series entitled An Element of Risk is currently at my publishers and will be released on October 13, 2018.



Loose Ends / Above Ground / Angel in the Full Moon / Samurai Code / Dead Ends / Birds of a Feather / Corporate Asset / The Benefactor / Art and Murder/ A Delicate Matter / Subverting Justice

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Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

In my third novel entitled Angel in the Full Moon, part of the story centers around the Blue Dragon children’s aid society in Vietnam. I’ve been to Hanoi and interacted with the Blue Dragon and the children they were assisting. It left a lasting impression. I was greatly impressed with what the Blue Dragon was accomplishing, which is why I mentioned it in the epilogue for anyone wishing to make a donation.

Recently a member of the Canadian Armed Forces contacted me after reading Angel in the Full Moon. She had been looking for a charity to donate to and what she read prompted her to research the Blue Dragon. To use her words, “… what I discovered really spoke to me.” She is now making monthly donations to the Blue Dragon. Way to go Amy!

The Blue Dragon, after learning from Amy how she first came to hear about them, contacted me direct and gave recognition in their April 2018 newsletter.  Direct link to the newsletter is: https://mailchi.mp/bdcf.org/this-is-your-april-dragon-tales-971517

I am very pleased to see that since I went to Hanoi, the Blue Dragon has continued to grow in size. The guidance, support, and number of children they’ve assisted are well documented on their home website: https://www.bluedragon.org/  What cannot be measured is the depth of human suffering that they have curtailed and the lives they’ve saved. For all who have supported this charity, or continue to do so – THANK YOU!



So you want to publish a novel…

I am approached at almost every author signing by people seeking my advice who are also interested in becoming authors. Recently I had the privilege of being interviewed by Brent Jones. For anyone not familiar with him, he is a freelancer, blogger and internet marketer with a large international audience base. The information he provides is informative and covers a variety of topics.

Check out the interview at: http://brentjonesonline.com/blog/better-blogging/publish-your-writing-with-don-easton/


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